01 March 2024

Friday Funny

My sister-in-law has been indulging my wildlife addiction for a couple of years now. I've received whimsical (NOT hot) bird seed creations the last two Christmases. Her most recent gift was one I'd had my eye on for a while but didn't really know if my winged friends would fall for.

It's a transparent feeder that sticks to the window of choice. It's sheltered from the wind and the snow. But the only time the birds use it is when my curtains are drawn to keep the sun off my computer.

I had a feeling this might happen because I've been trying for years now to get good CLOSE photos of a bluejay from my window, but all birds are very sensitive to my presence when they are feeding. I know they have to be.

The squirrels, the raccoons and the deer aren't quite as shy, unless I am about to get a great photo. They can't reach the window feeder, but they have emptied all the (not hot) seed feeders time and time again. They have pulled down my baffles and my shepherd's hooks more times than I can count! I don't get to watch the deer and the raccoons choking on the newer cayenne-pepper-laced bird seed, but I've enjoyed imagining what must have transpired overnight as I slept when I find tipped-over feeders during the day and nearby nose and mouth prints in the snow!

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