24 November 2023

White Friday

Snowflake crochet doesn't always come easy. We'd found ourselves stuck in a hotel one summer night at least 12 years ago when unfavorable weather (dangerous lightning) brought an early end to a backpacking trip. We made a quick run to the local department store, a very mini version of the typical establishment, and I was horrified to find not only NO thread crochet hooks in stock, but no crochet thread either!!! How could that possibly be!?!

As soon as we got back home from that trip, I put my emergency thread and hook storage in the car, and I've carried it around ever since. Everywhere we drove, I always had the tools I need to design a new snowflake, should the inspiration arise.

We don't get to enjoy 14er climbs or cross-state cycling trips these days, but I've still got that emergency stash in the car. White Friday Eve (very late in the evening of Thanksgiving Day) in 2022 was spent winding a big ball of white thread from that stash so I could design a new snowflake on White Friday while we were visiting my mother-in-law.

I'm finding myself becoming more creative in White Friday photography with our adaptive travel limits. We actually did make a road trip prior to Thanksgiving in 2022, but our desert destination boasted no snow and no forecast of snow the entire week of our family Thanksgiving visit. However, during a White Friday bicycle ride along an irrigation ditch, we found white.

Alkali leaches out of the soil (or bricks) when it rains or snows in the high desert. The white residue also can be rinsed off with water. When you're hungry for snow like I always am, alkali apparently can be the next best thing.

Even though I didn't have real snow, I did have snowflake photos from eight days earlier that needed to be edited.

I fully intended to string about 100 white crocheted snowflakes during White Friday 2022, but I was too busy (having WAY too much fun) making jewelry. Including one white necklace...

I did make one white snowflake.

And one white snowflake necklace. I encased a white glow-in-the-dark rock inside the middle of the snowflake.

And I did finish stringing a few snowflakes. Not enough. Stringing snowflakes is pretty boring for me...

The best part of our no-shopping White Friday last year, however, was finding a safe way to climb down into the nearly dry irrigation ditch (and then back out after I was done) to shoot genuine white ice!!! In the desert! Hundreds of miles from my youthful stomping grounds, White Sands National Monument!

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  1. Very cool ice and alkali photos! And the snowflakes look so lovely all piled up. We got some snow last weekend and I thought of you while snapping some snow pics.

    Maybe one day we'll get to sit and crochet together again. ♥️


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