14 November 2023

Tech Tease

Darned technology!!!

Well, Microsoft has bit me again. But I'm doing the best I can to keep a sense of humor and not throw all my peripherals out the window.

Finally bought a long-needed full-size monitor... because my eyes just can't adequately see the tiny laptop screen anymore. But this new monitor doesn't behave like the one my employer provided for my even tinier work laptop. (My personal computer is 14 inches wide, down two inches from my previous personal computer. The work laptop is 12 inches wide. My personal monitor is 20 inches wide, and the work monitor is an exhilarating 22 inches wide.)

It has taken me ALL DAY to get my brand new monitor set up. I absolutely LOVE being able to see everything on the screen again without massively increasing resolution size. But now I have to keep my personal laptop wide open in a different area to prevent the little screen from blocking the big screen because both the monitor and the laptop go to sleep if I close the laptop. And, just as the reviews proclaim, the monitor I bought has lousy speakers. I didn't think it would matter because I have my own amazing external speaks. When I plug my awesome speakers into the laptop, everything is silent. The new monitor won't let anything else make noise!!! When I plug my not-cheap speakers into the monitor, the sound is noticeably degraded. I've tried EVERYTHING we are supposed to do to change these settings. Windows 11 and the new monitor default the sound to the monitor, and there's nothing I can do to change that.

Computers!!! Can't live without 'em, but sure can't live in peace with them!!!

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  1. I just discovered your site. What a place, I am amazed. You are unique; when they made you, they broke the mould. Re your monitor woes. Glad you found what you need. Now, what you really want is a mechanical keyboard, which my son "allows" me to use from time to time when he is not on his computer. (I still have to use this $19.95 piece of crap on the other "family computer". ) Mechanical keyboards are the greatest invention of all time. You can get a "silent" type but I prefer the clacky type. It sounds like a 1950's Remington typewriter and the sense of perfection and completion you get when you type fast...wow. I sure do admire men - they invent some wonderful stuff. And bless you for all those snowcatcher patterns.


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