28 November 2023

Chilly Chile on my Chili

Hatch chiles taste good on just about anything. I even love chiles in some deserts. Oooooooh, and in hot chocolate!!! With cinnamon... YUM!

We just spent a week with Lizard's mom, who isn't a big fan of spicy hot. All that was available to dress up my meals was mild salsa. First chance I got, I bought a jar of more suitable black bean and corn spicy salsa from the nearby grocery store. (And which Lizard and I used completely up by the end of the week!)

I learned salsa is pretty darned good on scrambled eggs! I guess I should have known this all along because I LOVE spicy breakfast burritos (with no meat).

I used to roll my eyes at my kids when they smothered their eggs with ketchup. Who's the crazy one??? I drench mine, in essence, with spicy ketchup!!!

1 comment :

  1. I love salsa on eggs, and have it nearly every morning! Have not tried it in hot chocolate though....


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