02 November 2023

No Time to Dye

The only creative thing I've done so far this week, other than turn plump boneless chicken breasts into the best green chili chicken (thanks to the Hatch chilies I processed a few weeks back), is wind the thread I dyed for my 2023 crochet temperature project into balls.

I needed a new pale sage green (40-44 degrees), and I hoped I would not need any more maroon (80-84 dgrees). I was hoping to get gradients of both.

I love the colors I achieved, even though once again they aren't exactly what I was hoping for; I've got some great Christmas colors, and brown is always difficult, so now I have a good stash.

Thankfully, I have not needed any more maroon. I thought I might need two more greens and another purple within the next couple of weeks, but I have suitable alternate shades in my stash. So dyeing doesn't HAVE to happen again right away. Still looking forward to it, though!


  1. Looking great! :-) When did you start?

  2. Such pretty colors, and that is a great brown.

    (Now I have the Byrds in my head, singing "A time to be born, a time to dye....")


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