12 August 2021

Panel Quilt Backing

Babies are coming, so it's time for me to quilt!

I finished the backing for Baby Perry's quilt on Tuesday night, and the sandwiching was finished last night. I hope to put it on the longarm tonight. Hopefully the quilt can be finished this weekend because I still need to finish another quilt for Baby Garner this month. (Except Baby Garner is a girl, so I'm rethinking the panel I planned to use to quickly work up the second quilt. On a very positive note, many of my WIPs would be suitable for a girl, and I have more than enough girly stash to create a totally new quilt. Just not enough time to do something too labor-intensive.

I've stressed for a couple of weeks about what I could use to back this awesome dinosaur panel. I thought I had some Fossil Rim leftovers from my future paleontologist grandson and my neighbor's grandson's quilt, but I couldn't find them. I kept looking under the guise of organizing and downsizing and finally found the second half of a layer cake, four different coordinating fabrics in yardage, two charm packs and some scraps from the checkerboard border I made for last year's dinosaur quilt.

I even still had a few leftover gray jelly roll strips I could use as sashing. I think that gray has been incorporated into two or three other quilts. There might be enough left to sash one more baby quilt, being as I then pieced together all the leftover sections from this quilt back to make yet one more jelly roll strip. Yay!

I've been getting reacquainted with my sewing machine for a few days now. While working on the butterfly dress I finished last month, I found a pair of shorts I'd cut out one year. Shorts are fast and easy, and we've got the heat. So shorts are a very welcome addition to my wardrobe. I finished them in about half an hour. I wore them the next day. They are in the laundry basket now.

I also found a jelly roll set and coordinating yardage I'd bought a few years ago to make another dress. The colors are just luscious, so I decided to cut the yardage into 3-inch strips so I can work on that dress once I finish the deadline baby quilts. I had enough yardage left for a bodice, so I cut out that and the lining and pockets, too. that will make working on this dress so much more enticing because it's ready to go. I don't have to do anything but sew!!! I am actually anxious to wear it, so maybe that will help me get the baby quilts done!!!

I also whipped together all the selvedges I'd cut off all the fabric I've bought during the last couple of years or so.

I used to roll the selvedges after sorting into colorways and photographing them, then sell them in my Etsy shop. I still have quite a few rolls from pre-2019 I never had a chance to list in my Etsy shop, so this time, I decided to make selvedge yarn. Tarn is made from T-shirts, and plarn is made from plastic bags. I have no clue what they call yarn made from selvedges. Sarn?!?

I've made plenty of rugs now from selvedge yarn. I can't have space rugs on our hardwood floors now because Lizard could trip on them. So perhaps I'll make a bag or a porch rug... or maybe just list the big balls of strips on Etsy...

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  1. Heck fire - your cleaning and organzing found you a ton of good things - but!! I am mostly in love with your top photo.... the dinosaur - LOVE it!!


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