26 August 2021

Winds of Change

I tried placing different colors of jelly roll strips between my butterfly scraps blocks, just to get an idea of how sashing would look, and decided this particular baby quilt doesn't need sashing.

I then cut and pieced 12 blocks in rainbow hues from my solid scraps for the quilt back, but then couldn't come up with a block arrangement I liked.

I had enough homemade jelly roll scraps left over from other projects to make another butterfly scrap flimsy, so I did it again. I'm very pleased with the results. This might actually end up being the quilt front instead of the quilt back!

Now I just need to sandwich the two sides and put them on the longarm.

Meanwhile, what was I going to do with all those rainbow blocks I cut and pieced??? I cut and pieced 12 more blocks, then got halfway through a disappearing four-patch flimsy I will eventually use to back another quilt. Unless I decide I like the finished flimsy enough to make it a quilt top!

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  1. Cute baby quilt!! I like the top photo of the backing layout.. I don;t know why it just popped out at me!

  2. The Disappearing four patch is one of my favorite blocks and I've made a number of quilts with this block. Your blocks are awesome out of the solids!

  3. Why should a quilt have a back anyway? Nice work! Have a good weekend, Regula


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