10 September 2020

Pumpkin Spice

Bump, bump, bump, another one bites the dust!

Still practicing my longarm skills, and this top was layered and ready to go, so it was next up on my Simply Sixteen, nicknamed Ringo.

I initially had very different plans for this quilt. I'd purchased individual Grunge fat quarters in autumn hues to make my own bundle, and I'd planned to piece various leaves using just the Grunge. But then I found this adorable panel on sale somewhere. I still planned to do leaves around the edges with the grunge, but then I found an old stack of fall fabrics from about a couple of decades or so ago. I had cut them into 7-inch blocks to make a disappearing nine-patch a couple of years ago or so. I decided I needed to use them up before cutting into something new.

Initially, I thought I'd put a row of on-point blocks on each side of the panel, but I really liked the off-balance look with blocks on just one side. Then I used almost all the rest of the blocks in a disappearing nine-patch backing, using up the leftovers of one of the orange solids in my stash left over from another project in about 2015 that I never thought I'd use up. While piecing the backing, I ran out of that orange, so the final row of nine-patch blocks was not a nine-piece but precisely pieced from the small remnants from the rest of the blocks. I thought I was going to have to use a different color to finish the last block, but I eeked out just enough of that Kona Mango. I think I have one two-inch strip left now!

The binding is the leftovers of the only autumn print I had enough of to cut the 2.5-inch strips.

I did simple chevron lines with the longarm just to practice doing straight lines. My lines aren't perfect, but each time I use Ringo, I gain a little tiny bit more confidence. I keep hoping one day I won't be so nervous about quilting with the longarm!

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  1. I quilt by hand mostly. :-) You are brave!

    1. I like to quilt by hand, Regula, but I don't always have the time, unfortunately...

  2. It looks so great!! Look at you go!! I like that backing too!

    1. Thanks, Alycia! I almost like the back better than the front... Ha ha!

  3. It is a wonderful quilt! The back as beautiful as the front! You are doing great on that long arm!

    1. Thank you, GrammaJudyB! I really like the disappearing nine patch and hope to do a double one day. Perhaps on both sides... The longarm does speed things up quite a bit, but still so intimidating some days!

  4. Beautiful quilt, both front and back. Keep at it! Practice makes perfect and you're off to a great start.


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