04 September 2020

Feelin’ Zitty

Where were fashionable masks when I was in seventh grade, back when Steve would tease me every day about my complexion?!?

"Oooooh!!! You got measles!!!"

"ACME Acne, at your service!"

"You look like a ring of fire! You've got volcanoes all over your face!"

Every friggin' day. I used to wonder how I became so shy. Now I understand.

My mom used to assure me every time I came home in tears that one day I'd be thankful for my oily skin. "One day you'll be the one laughing because all those kids who pick on you are going to have wrinkles, and you're going to be the only one who still looks like a teenager!"

Mama never told me I'd still have break-outs in my golden years!!!



  1. never had acne in my younger years. but in my golden years I get acne.

    1. Leona, I'm so sorry you have to deal with acne! Mine isn't actually to that degree, but I do get little volcanos, and it is SO annoying! And ugly!!!


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