01 September 2020

Another Anniversary

Today was the day we planned to be sealed in marriage for time and all eternity in the San Diego Temple, with my mom and my brother and his family in attendance.

2020 has not been calendar friendly, and neither have Parkinson's and arthritis.

The temple closest to us is now open for live ordinances -- as of yesterday! How's that for timing?!?

Now we have to wait until Lizard is able to endure sitting for about an hour and a half. I'm sure the Denver Temple, where we will have to go as regulations now stand, will make whatever accommodations we need in order to provide a pleasurable experience for Lizard. But I think the best thing we can do is let him heal from his surgery and trust that our day will come.

Being in the hospital and then acute rehab for two weeks was a trial. Yet there were many blessings during that time as well. We learned things that will help us navigate this Parkinson's journey better, and the surgery itself has already increased the quality of Lizard's life more than words can express.

When we first began this journey toward becoming an eternal couple, we thought we might be able to be sealed on our 15th wedding anniversary, which happened earlier in the summer. Now it's possible we might be able to accomplish our goal on our 16th anniversary.

And who knows?!? Perhaps we might even be able to go back to Plan A at that time, and have my brother and mom there, too.

Or maybe we'll concoct a Plan C and go to one of the Hawaiian temples!


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    1. Thanks, Sue! I would love to be able to take Lizard to Hawaii. Perhaps one day...


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