08 September 2020


I've brought in what I could from my garden, and I've covered my corn, hoping it might still get a chance to mature. But much of my outdoor garden will be gone today, after a high of 89 yesterday. Today's forecasted high is 28. And snow is falling.

I dug up my ghost pepper, which didn't put out a single blossom this year. I was tempted to dig up some of the dahlias because they were about to bloom. I cut some sunflower and hibiscus buds, hoping they will open in a vase.

There are so many things I didn't get to see what they would be! And my first glads ever didn't get a chance to bloom!


  1. WE brought in our stuff too and spent the WHOLE day canning and preserving... praying these snows help the fires!

    1. You are a brave one, Alycia... Canning has been on my learn-to-do list or at least a decade. One day!

      I think the moisture did help our fires, but they could certainly use a good dose or eight out west...

  2. So the drop of temperature and the snow are unusually early? We've had some warm and sunny days. I love Indian summer. All the best for you and your plants! Regula

    1. Thank you, Regula! Snow this late in summer is rare for this elevation, but not impossible. What is really strange is triple digits the day before, then back up to nearly that high again two days later. So many trees lost limbs. Our tree lost two limbs, but they thankfully did not hit anything or hurt anyone.


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