22 September 2020


Record-breaking heat, then seven inches of snow, back to back. I thought I was done watering for the summer. I thought I wouldn't see another flower in my garden until next spring.

Four hours before the snow was supposed to start, I clipped all the "drop dead red" sunflowers and blooms, hoping I might be able to get a time lapse from one of the unopened flowers. I clipped several hibiscus blossoms, not knowing if they would open in a vase. I chopped down most of the chicory and volunteer sunflowers that grew wild in my garden, much to the chagrin of the goldfinches, whom I thought would make their way to their winter homes to escape the cold. (They are still hanging out today, along with a few other unexpected visitors!)

I also took the opportunity to plant the first iris seeds I've ever grown in my life. I didn't even know irises could produce seeds until this year.

grow, babies, grow

I thoroughly enjoyed spending my waking hours during the next day and a half trying my hand at time lapse instead of snowflakes. I wanted to shoot snowflakes, but the good camera with the good macro lens was on the tripod, working miracles. I hope there will be more snowflakes to come this autumn, which officially starts today (!!!), and winter.

The forecast had called for four nights of hard freeze and 8 to 12 inches of white stuff in our neighborhood. We didn't get as much snow as expected, and much of it melted almost as quick as it touched the ground. The lowest temperature we recorded was 32 degrees, and once it climbed back up beyond 36, the mercury never dropped lower again at our place.

Adding to the extension of summer heat, in my opinion, is the unplanned unbelievable warmth stored and radiated via the terracing project I took on this year to hopefully prevent future basement floods via the window well that unceasingly collected and unselfishly shared all the moisture each season gave us for the last eight years. (We've had no basement leakage through six storms since terracing began!!!)

The stuff I thought would die during our early storm is thriving!

And my first gladiola ever are getting ready to bloom!!!


  1. Very beautiful pictures. Are these pics of your house?

  2. Wow, amazing work on the terracing! Not to mention the time lapse photos, and the bird photos, and all the beautiful flower photos!

    Our first frost is predicted for this week. Part of me is sad, but my allergies are kind of looking forward to a rest. :/


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