21 November 2019

Lizard Quilts

Lizard has finished his first three-layer quilt! He has done some magnificent rag quilts, and he's been doodling in preparation for his first free-motion quilting.

Initially he planned to donate his first real quilt to a children's charity. But when he finished, he decided he needs to keep his first quilt. Because it's his first quilt!

I think he did a terrific job!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Regula! We are hoping he might be able to start his next quilt this week!

  2. Congrats on his 1st three layer done.

  3. You must be SEW proud of him. Nice work, Lizard!!

    1. Thank you, Joy! It is so marvelous to be able to work together on quilt projects!

  4. GO Lizard!!!! I LOVE it!! and I am so impressed that you share... I.... ahem.... struggle with sharing my machine - ha ha!!

    1. That's pretty funny, Alycia! I used to feel I had to share my domestic sewing machine with my little eight-year-old neighbor, and I wanted her to have as much sewing time as she needed. Then I decided it was a cheap machine, and I could get another, so I gave it to her for her birthday, and now I don't have to share the domestic sewing machine anymore. Just the long-arm - with Lizard. But he's a great quilting companion, so it's not as challenging!


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