28 November 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

I think, I think
I'd like a cupcake pink!
Strawberry or cherry,
Both would be so merry!

All this snow is fun to see,
But when will warmth return with glee?
Might have to jump-start that mercury
With so much heat, the cold will flee!

Time to take a well-deserved break,
Time for relaxation's sake,
Time to slow down and rest,
Time to spend with those loved best!

Yes, it's cold, but I don't care;
I'll still find cheer everywhere!
As long as the temperature continues to drop,
I'll not let my motivation stop!

Somebody tried to sneak by
Without a wish from I;
Ha, ha, ha! I found out just in time!
Hope that's not too serious a crime!

Didn't make it home this year,
But still thinking of loved ones dear;
Amassing thoughts and weekend cheer,
The miles can’t keep us from feeling near!

Today we focus on red, white and blue,
But that doesn't mean we forget about you!
Time for joy to be swirled...
Your smiling face can light the world!

Always on the go,
Sun, rain or snow;
Let's get this day on the road
And employ an adventurous code!

The best lemonade in life
Is made while seeking joy in strife.
Though hard knocks may abound,
Sweetness may always be found!

Wheels of time spin away,
On the road another day;
Won't be long 'til we meet again,
And we can't wait until then!

For some it's a tangled mess;
Fear causes others to confess;
Some see craft in every strand;
But we all love the web you've planned!

Just when you think life needs bling,
Along comes a welcome blast of spring.
Then just as the short sleeves reappear,
Another winter storm comes near!

Mom makes; you make!
Put us together, for heaven's sake!
Just think what we could do
In a room full of crafts for two!

In just the wink of an eye
Fiber becomes a butterfly;
A hook in hand is bound to win,
Just watch what these hands can spin!

A day late and a ring short,
But Mom had not finished my cohort!
Now we're off to see the shire in snow,
Hoping for legendary magic to bestow!

Up, up and away we go,
Far away from all this snow!
Up, up in the sky we fly,
Never high enough to satisfy!

A slice of heaven is all I need,
Well, that and maybe some fireweed seed...
If I wish upon a star,
Perhaps I won't be away so far!

Living for the slopes is grand,
But city life is just so bland.
Weekends don't come quick enough for me;
Can't wait for the next snow spree!


  1. You sure have loads of transportation modes and go down many roads. haha fun one indeed.


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