29 November 2019

White Friday

On the day after Thanksgiving last year, the mountains were getting a whopping 18 inches of snow! I couldn't make it up the hill, though, until most of that storm melted. However, we had white skies, and I got some dramatic photos in Roxborough State Park, a gem of the county we've lived in for more than a decade but didn't discover until 2018.

Here are a few of my favorite seasonal white shots from my little corner of the world.

Because I couldn't go up in the mountains on actual White Friday and because I had only a couple hours of free time before family obligations, I wound a few hanks of white thread for dyeing, and I parked two of the three long-sleeved white T-shirts I'd bought earlier in the summer in dye. The dyeing took a week, so I didn't have results until almost as long as it took for snow to fall again.

During the White Friday family dinner, we enjoyed, among other Thanksgiving tasties, leftover mashed potatoes, riced cauliflower, and even a few taterless cauliflower tots, which are white on the inside. I'd discovered exciting cauliflower recipes earlier in the year, and Lizard likes a few but not all of them. It was the first time our extended family members had even heard of making creative things with cauliflower.

Back at home later that night, I made the rounds, pinching all the white flies attempting to take over my indoor garden.

Once again, my white picotee amaryllis wasn't ready to bloom, but it was putting up the first signs of white to come.

The twin white Christmas cactus blossoms opened on the right day!!!

The pepper plants I brought indoors prior to our first freeze took a few weeks to adapt to the change in their surrounding climate, just like they do every year. The ghost pepper plant still wasn't quite sure what was happening, but the Serrano and Ancho chili plants were at full bore! There must have been at least 15 blossoms, plus another 15 or so emerging blossoms. I must pinch the blossoms after I bring the plants indoors in order for the peppers to pollinate. That gives me the chance to smoosh the little aphids I can't usually see with the naked eye.

Now we're getting into Green Friday, right??? Ha ha!

The blossoms were so plentiful, I would be able to make plenty of white chili (turkey or chicken instead of red meat) for the next six months! I even made some with "white" beans, just for this blog post!

I made (and stiffened) three white snowflakes (plus one really pale blue one... does that count???).

I finished off the long weekend with tiny white snowpeople. (I'm making a snow village, not trying to be politically correct!)


  1. A snow village would be neat indeed. The stick err umm wand really makes you stop and look. Seems all were sure ready to bloom too.

  2. Those fluffy seeds remind me of milkweed, but the blossom shape isn't right. Now I'm wondering what it is!

    Love that swirly ice photo with the leaf stem in it. And the lovely dyed tees and the cauliflower tots! We love cauliflower chez Micawber. Cauliflower Alfredo is probably my favourite way to use it (though we also really like it roasted, or made into pizza crust).


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