18 May 2017

Smorgasbord of Color

I made a New Year's resolution that I wouldn't start any new quilts until I finish 12 more WIPs. I've finished 8. And I cheated. I started -- and finished -- another quilt.

Fat Quarter Shop offered Kona's digitally printed color card panel as a 24-hour Flash Sale, and for $2.50 or whatever ridiculously low price it was, I couldn't resist. Big spender that I am, I ordered the panel and reserved two of the new Me and My Sister Frolic charm packs coming in August, meaning I spent more for shipping than I did for fabric.

I've been collecting pairs of Me and My Sister charm packs since Hi De Ho, and I may even have found three of the previous lines... One day these cute squares are going to make a terrific baby quilt. Maybe six or seven of them! But not until I finish at least four more WIPs. And how dare I throw competitor Bella Solids designer coordinating fat quarters in a blog post about Kona Solid colors?!?

Because unity is such a beautiful word and concept, that's why. We quilters know how to blend beautifully, don't we? Perhaps I could throw that in when I speak this Sunday at church, assigned topic: Unity. After all, I'm kicking it off with a collection of uncoordinated sock yarn leftovers crocheted together in one project that proves different yarns from different lands and sporting different colors can work together to become something beautiful...

My Kona panel arrived on a Friday. I made the quilt sandwich the following Tuesday night after work and straight-line quilted all the horizontal rows. On Wednesday night I finished all the vertical rows and binding. I deviated from my WIP list for only two nights and the price of a chilled herbal tea.

The batting is comprised of narrow leftovers from several quilts I've finished in the last 12 months, literally just placed side by side on the fabric with 505 spray. I didn't even bother to sew the batting pieces together because this will be a wall quilt. The baby pink backing is leftover (and stained) from Girls Camp bandanas about four years ago. I wound up with three extra colors when I made the bandanas.

The extra yellow and green became the top and backing for a ticker tape quilt project I ended up giving to a lifelong quilting friend (thereby taking it off my WIP list!!!), and the pink, stained because I took it to camp to make more bandanas just in case we had extra girls we didn't know about in advance, will never show as it hangs against the wall. Ha!

The most awesome aspect of this new wall quilt is I'll never have to guess at coordinating Kona colors again. Such as the scrappy Baby Jane I want to make to use up my green batik leftovers. I bought the color Sage based on computer screen appearance to use as a background fabric when Celadon appears to be a little closer to what I had auditioned in my head.

Now I can match my Spoonflower panels (or just about anything else) to just the right hue when I'm in need of a solid. That should make some of my remaining WIP projects a little easier to finish!

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  1. Sure are a ton of different shades indeed. See? Everyone cheats on those resolution things lol At least you got to 8 before you cheated.

    1. At least I cheated in a good way, Pat. I didn't add another WIP! :)

  2. Oh! Dot.Dot.Dash is just my all time favorite fabrics. Love, love, love it. I made two or three baby quilts from it - that fabric just makes me happy. I love how you finished the panel too. ~smile~

    1. How cool, Roseanne! I think I love all their designs. And color schemes... this really will make great baby quilts!

  3. That Kona panel was a good deal. That probably was the day I neglected to check my email for daily deals. Oh, sigh.

    1. That's sad, Tu-Na. There have been days when I'm so busy, I don't get to check until the afternoon, and whatever the deal was has sold out. I always assume it was something on my wish list...

  4. I love the Kona panel! Do you know if it can be washed (without changing the colors)?

    1. Thank you, Melody! No, I do not know, so I do not plan to wash it because I don't want to take a chance changing the color values. I have it hanging where the sun will not hit it, so I'm hoping it won't bleach too much with time, either.


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