11 May 2017

No White Spring Dreams

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Two more projects have been moved off my WIP list!

I can't believe I've had Dreaming of a Lavender Christmas and Blue Christmas on my WIP list since winter 2014. Wow, that's a long, long time ago! Back when I finished the final block of Leaf Me Alone, which is still waiting to be quilted...

With the new open toe presser foot for our department store sewing machine, I'm able to navigate a little easier while free-motion quilting. These two panels are not perfect, but they look better than Peacock Blues, and I'm actually anxious to free-motion quilt more so I can (hopefully) get better at drawing with a domestic sewing machine.

First I did the blue one...

The backing is my least-favorite snowflake fabric.

And then I did the purple one...

The back is the leftovers of a Christmas skirt and reversible vest I made so many years ago, I don't even remember when.

Each quilt, my efforts to manipulate the layers inside the narrow neck of the Brother sewing machine get a little less shaky. I'm even beginning to remember to make sure the needles is down before adjusting the quilt. I can't tell you how many jumps I had in Peacock Blues because the weight of the quilt would pull the fabric right out from under the needle each time I forgot to stop with the needle down.

The borders were done with straight stitching on my good, old, reliable Viking Husqvarna.

As luck would have it, we got snow right after I finished these two quilts. We made the best of a cold, soggy garden by escaping the metro in favor of snowy fields in the mountains. The Lizard snapped a couple of photos of me with the quilts.

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  1. Look great with the snow back drop indeed, guess snow is good for something. Does your WIP list ever shrink though? Or kinda like mine, two off, four more on?

    1. Uh, yeah... I have the fabric for probably 20 or 30 more quilts, but I'm not allowing myself to touch it until I pare 10 more off the WIP list, Pat...

  2. Good Morning,
    Wow - two finishes . . . and from 2014. Don't you feel accomplished?!! This is so funny - I have a Brother and a H/Viking sewing machine too. I have been trying to move toward FMQ on the Brother and toward that end been using a walking foot for more versatility (hence the spiral quilt). Just keep at it! You will get there. And my Brother machine has a setting for needle up/down - I have an SE 400. ~smile~

    1. Wow, are we twins from different mothers or what, Roseanne?!? How cool! I'm starting the free motion quilting on another WIP tomorrow; got the sandwich finished yesterday. I wish my Brother had a setting for needle up/down... But oh, well. Faster than by hand!


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