25 May 2017

Eye Candy

Two years ago, I found a gorgeous little wisteria, approximately three years old, at my local nursery. Impulse buying has never been so powerful.

The little bush tree didn't flower last summer, and then it didn't make it through the winter. I've been looking for a new one. Without success, I might add. All the nurseries have sold out.

I looked online. The rainbow wisteria tunnel I found is real, but it's in Japan, not seeds you can buy on Amazon!

This reminded me of more obviously fake merchandise replete on the top online shopping destination.

But who am I to laugh?!? I make rainbow-hued snowflakes...

with hand-dyed thread...

I shoot rainbow-textured sunsets...

and even rainbow-charged marmots...

I crochet cereal marshmallow-hued lizards...

and mice...

and turtles...

and... flip flops???

Mostly, I crochet rainbow bears...

I just can't stop!

How I heart crocheted bears!

And I heart rainbow hearts, too!!!

While searching recently for motifs I crocheted back in about 2012 to use on some Mother's Day greeting cards, I came across the long-forgotten very first thread I ever tried dyeing in a rainbow. I used size 80 thread because I didn't want to waste any size 10 thread I use every week for snowflakes. If the smaller thread didn't turn out, it wouldn't be that big a loss. The thread came from someone's destash after their crocheting grandmother passed away.

I had tried dyeing another hank of size 20 crochet thread in the colors of fall aspens that day, too. That thread is all gone now. But the rainbow thread never got used. I suspect I was still fighting the necessity of wearing reading glasses to see small stitches back then.

Well, I'm not afraid to put on those glasses anymore. I think it's about time I create my own rainbow flowers that really do exist. I think they look even better than the fake ones on Amazon. Don't you?

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  1. haha rainbow is sure in, especially at your bin. Having such a walkway in your backyard like that first one there would sure be something indeed.

    1. You have no idea what I would give to have a walkway like that in my own yard, Pat. However, I noticed four tiny new shoots at the very bottom of my wisteria this morning!!! Perhaps it's not dead after all!!!

  2. You are a gal after my rainbow colored heart! Thank you for sharing such beautiful eye candy!

    1. Thank you, Miaismine! I'm pretty partial to rainbows!


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