16 May 2017

Amaryllis by Morning

I tried my hand at pollinating my white picotee amaryllis again this year.

We thought we were going to have twins!

Alas, one half of the plant withered and died, just as all the red amaryllis blossoms had done a couple of months ago.

I'd planted 24 from last year's haul of about 200 seeds. None sprouted. I kept the rest of the seeds in the fridge, then planted 20 more earlier this year. None came up. I'd learned after planting them I should have done so right after they dried last year.

I sorted through the remainder, planted the four with lumps in the center (designating a viable seed) and discarded the rest. Seed pods had begun forming again on the white picotee, which was late in blooming this year. I didn't give up hope. Even if the four newly planted seeds stayed buried and offered no green, I might still have another chance this year. I just have to patiently wait for new seeds...

One of this year's seed pods is maturing!

Then, I discovered two tiny little shoots from the refrigerated seeds! Two of the four seeds from last year have sprouted after spending a year on ice!!! Perhaps we're going to have twins after all...

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  1. Congrats on the twins lol Some sure find a way as they want to grow and put on a display.


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