24 September 2015

The Clove Report

It's been a while since I updated how my second batch of clove trees from seeds (airmailed from Hawaii) is doing.

Out of the 12 seeds I received in December of 2013, only two have survived indoors at high altitude. Two of the 12 seeds went to a co-worker, who reports one survived and is still growing. I don't have pictures of that one.

Only two of the 10 seeds I took home sprouted, and one, affectionately termed Baby Sister because she didn't start sprouting leaves until nearly seven months later, inexplicably turned brown and dried up earlier this year.

This is Big Sister, the only other survivor at my house, during the summer of 2014.

She's about twice that size now. She sprouted twin stalks right after her Baby Sister wilted.

Right before we went to Teton National Park, one of the four new leaves unexpectedly turned brown overnight. I hesitantly removed it and set the pot in a dish of water, even though the brown leaf indicated the plant may have needed to dry out a tad.

I hoped with all my might my little clove tree would still be alive and thriving when we returned home five days later. She was the first thing I checked when we got back home close to midnight.

She survived!!!!!!!!!!

She's nearly eight inches tall these days, and she seems as happy as a tree!

Big Sister Clove


  1. Surviving and thriving, plants sure can adapt sometimes and keep on growing tall

  2. A loved clove tree is a happy clove tree.

  3. Way to go Big Sister! She's definitely much bigger than last year. :D


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