09 September 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday

1/4th second, through the living room window, steadied against the window sill, two layers, sky unretouched, owl lightened and increased contrast
1/4th second exposure, hand-held, through living room window,
camera steadied against window sill, two layers, sky unretouched,
owl lightened with increased contrast

1/6th of a second, with flash, through the living room window
1/6th second exposure with flash, through living room window,
hand-held, increased contrast and sharpened slightly


  1. He's sure go the laser eyes of doom out for you haha awesome shot.

    1. Laser eyes! That's hillarious, Pat! Just goes to show he/she really knew what was going on in the surroundings, even though I was inside a house. Never took its eyes off me!

  2. Kuule Beanz, it's a devil owl.

    1. Definitely looks possessed, doesn't it, Lizard? Thanks for waking me to enjoy the moment!

  3. Definitely possessed in the 2nd picture. Dedicated early riser but it pays off! (and thanks for sharing how you caught them so we can try the same, though dunno if Irish birds look so scary)

  4. Awesome!!!

    Looks like it was windy there....


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