03 September 2015

Getting Closer

Most page hits: 155,000

According to my sometimes off-kilter math, I should hit yet another six-of-a-kind during this coming three-day weekend. If it weren't for the unpredictable three-day weekend, I'd guess the magic moment would hit around noon on Labor Day. But the holiday could throw the golden experience off by anywhere up to about six days.

Nevertheless, I'm a full month ahead of last year's schedule! That's so exciting for me! A million page hits in 11 months!!!

Here are a few memorable moments I've been able to capture this year:

five of a kind

Missed by Two!!!

Lotsa Nines

two times three

Last year, I almost missed the turning of the zeroes, thanks to my then-awful internet service. We changed providers in February, when we discovered I would soon be loosing half my internet access.

So, now I have better internet at home, less internet altogether, and the zeroes should roll on a three-day weekend, probably while I'm off on my bike somewhere with no internet access. Darn.

So, if you happen to see five or six zeroes during your visit, please get a screenshot for me! I hate that I might miss it this year, but I'm excited it's about to happen!!!


Look at all those zeroes!

I got to see it again!


  1. That is awesome indeed. Less than 11 months is great. A real happening spot.

  2. Awesome! Hopefully, you'll get to see the numbers turn over.

  3. estoy fascinada con los copos de nieve , me gustaria un paso a paso en diagrama, gracias soy primerisa en crochet

    1. Gracias, Primerisa. He trazado o diagramado sólo unos pocos de mis patrones hasta ahora. Es probable que me va a tomar muchos años para terminar de trazar todos ellos. Lo siento no puedo hacerlo más rápido.


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