26 September 2015

Just Let Go

I've had the book, "Let it Go" by Chris Williams, on my wishlist since the day it was released. I wanted to finish the four books I'd previously bought before I bought more. I'm still not done yet.

Very late Friday night I learned the book has been made into a movie, and the movie is being played in theaters across the country for one night only on Monday night, September 28, before being released in small markets. Brilliant marketing plan! Except people like me who don't watch TV and don't stream things on the internet didn't know about it until the last minute.

I had adequate time to find which theaters in the Denver metro area will be showing it (three of them). I bought my tickets. I will do everything I can to get off work in time on Monday to be able to watch the 7 p.m. showing. I hope by telling you about it now, you have time to plan to attend, too.

"Let go of the anger. Let go of the hate. Let go of the pain."

The whole world needs more of this.


  1. First I heard of it and I have streamed things haha I like the guy in the lead as he was good on Lost.

  2. It sounds like an amazing story ... enjoy the film!


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