15 July 2015

Wordless Wednesday

packet pickup

This place will be cooking in about half an hour.

volunteer registration


Day 1 Sunrise

Day 1 Sunrise

Day 1 Sunrise

aid station

new this year

an unusual power food

when riding isn't enough

no more high roller potties, and only four outhouses at this rest stop

route check

Day 2 Sunrise

Day 2 Dilemma; all checked bikes locked up for another half hour

finish line


mini volunteer

finish line


  1. Nice captures of the moment.

    1. Seems hard to believe it's come and gone again, Lizard! Where on earth is this year going?!? :)

  2. Sure looks like a wonderful turnout and lots going on. Even a pushup or two haha I think he was doing a push up at least.

    1. It was indeed a great event, Pat. And yes, he did 50 push-ups at each rest stop, I think. MAN!!!!!

  3. Great event for a great cause. Volunteers make those things happen.
    Susan Says

  4. Looks like a great event. Good cause and a fun ride :)

  5. Oh how I would have liked to be there!

    Next year.... :)

    P.S. No High Roller potties?!?!?


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