21 July 2015

Teasing Tuesday

I have 79 more unpublished blog posts, and most of them are Friday Funnies. While trying to set up Friday Funnies in advance for the month of June while I was too busy pedaling to pay tons of attention to my blog, I found a lot of dead Friday Funny links. Perhaps it's time to use up some of those remaining unpublished Friday Funnies before all the links go dead.

My favorite part of this video when she downloads from the old (Brownie or TLR) camera...


  1. lmao, another of the many reasons why I don't do facebook

  2. That was a funny video! Watch those frown lines! An electric Friendship Generator - love it. I knew there was a reason I have never bothered with Facebook. I have enough problems with the BSers I run into daily, let alone, the gobs on the Friendship Generator.

    1. How funny, Lizard! I guess I hadn't even caught the Friendship Generator. I was too busy laughing my head off at the "etiquette" humor!

  3. That's well-done - you're right the Camera is very clever, and the hate-group as well. The dangers of online huh?!

    1. Not my creation, Niahm, but I did think this was funny when one of my friends saw it. I'm glad the link still worked!

  4. Awesome!

    I think they should add another rule: If you're a single woman who tends to hop from man to man, don't post photos of yourself kissing them, especially when there's a different guy every month! Blechhh! (There's a story behind this but I won't go into it....)



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