25 July 2015

Silly Saturday

I have 75 more unpublished blog posts, and most of them are Friday Funnies. While trying to set up Friday Funnies in advance for the month of June while I was too busy pedaling to pay tons of attention to my blog, I found a lot of dead Friday Funny links. Perhaps it's time to use up some of those remaining unpublished Friday Funnies before all the links go dead.

Oh, my gosh, these bike drawings are awesome!!!

This could be addictive.

This goes harmoniously right along with the above.

Art installations made with sewing thread.

The Death Star.

All of these are phenomenal, but most especially the last two videos...


Plein air painting atop the 14ers.

Perfect for Halloween!

Some creative thinking went into this.

The artist does some other great maps, too.

The bag is better than the lunch inside it!


I could never justify spending this much for an umbrella, but I'm in love with this.

Nature's Frozen Artwork

I'd LOVE to try many of these lighting projects!

How's this for creative?

Knitted intarsia gloves to fit grains of rice?!? Incredible!

Scrolling heaven!!! Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh!!!!!


A creative way to pictorialize vacations.

Wow, a business that creates lace fence installations!

This talented artist plays with ice AND rocks!

I think they look even more attractive with realistic waistlines...

Say it isn't so!!! PLEASE!!!


  1. That was really well done indeed

  2. That IS an expensive umbrella, but I see why you like it....

    The bike drawings are great, and the crochet Death Star is hilarious. I'm about to look at the Lego link next.

    Wish I had time to look at all these links - don't you think it's a little bit cruel to post so many good ones?!?!? :D

    P.S. The video is amazing. Very thought-provoking too.


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