30 July 2015

Toad Abode


When I returned home from Ride the Rockies, I couldn't wait to see what was blooming!


I'd bought a handful of hybrid day lilies last fall that had been bred specifically for blues. One of the fans sent up flowers in the fall right after I planted it, but the others, I'd not seen bloom yet. I couldn't wait to see if the blooms forming when we left for Ride the Rockies would wait for me to get home.

One did, and it does indeed have a bit of blue!!! Fancy that!

All-Star Edition

As I tiptoed through the spent tulips, irises and allium, I thought I saw movement on the ground. I froze. We've had snakes before. Not in the garden, but we have had snakes. Whatever moved was within striking distance. Please don't be a rattlesnake!


The visitor moved again, this time hopping right atop one of my crocheted rocks! It was a toad!


I actually didn't know it was a toad. I thought it was a frog. I ran inside to grab my camera and The Lizard, and he informed me our visitor is not a frog. He told me toads eat cockroaches, crickets and possibly even grasshoppers.

Oh, was I a happy camper!

Our visitor wouldn't sit still on the crocheted rock long enough for me to get a beautiful portrait. He apparently doesn't know I have no interest in Toad Tendrils on my tabletop.

In addition to eating some of the bad guys in my garden, he is doing a fine job of fertilizing. P-U! We've named him Stinky because where he apparently lives, beneath the daisies, is beginning to smell like dog poop. Oh, my! I guess as long as the daisies are happy, I'll be happy. I just won't be taking deep breaths when I trim the spent blossoms...

Daisy Kingdom


sweet pea

blue lace

Blue Bedder

California Bluebell



  1. haha I never knew toad crap could smell so bad. He looks wise and/or grumpy to have been caught.

  2. Beautiful flowers! I think stinky is a fitting name as well.

  3. Hey - it's free fertilizer. And insect control! He's lumpy but kind of cute. :)

    That California Bluebell is lovely.


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