07 July 2015

WIP Wonder

Ticker Tape Garden

Spring is a difficult time for me to get much quilting done. Typically I'm training for charity bicycling events and tours. This year's Ride the Rockies was the most difficult I've ever done, but now that it's history, I can get back to my sewing machine!

One of my goals last quarter was to finish Ticker Tape II by Ride the Rockies. I'd set up two ticker tape quilts I wanted to complete by June 12, but when my friend Ruthie visited from New Mexico for the Denver National Quilt Festival, I gave one of the quilt sandwiches to her and taught her how to ticker tape.

Teaching Ticker Tape

She may be as addicted as me now! That took one WIP off my list, leaving me with just one to try to get done before the big ride. Snow and rain throughout April and May helped. I finished appliqueing the last flower on my newly renamed Ticker Tape Garden 15 minutes after our ride to the Ride the Rockies start line arrived. Four days after the week-long, 437-mile ride, I'd recovered enough to bind the quilt.

bandana crazy

The green (and yellow) solid fabric was leftover from color-coded bandanas I made for girls camp back in 2013. The back of both quilts was crafted from black clearance fabric I'd bought about 15 to 20 years ago probably to make shorts for my kids I never got around to making. The fabric had a faded white stripe down the length of it from sitting too near a window in the fabric shop for too long. When I first bought it, my kids were so young, I thought I could easily cut around the white strip. As they grew, the prospect grew less and less hopeful, but I never had time anyway. I finally got rid of this unloved fabric by using the backside as the back for both the green and the yellow ticker tape quilts. It provided a very attractive linen look, in my opinion.

Yikes,! Stripes!

The Flip Side

The flowers are from my scrap pile, which I still haven't made a dent in yet, even though 2.5 quilts have been constructed using nothing but these scraps. I think I see more ticker tape quilts on the horizon. One of the new additions to this quarter's WIP list is a Scrap Vortex variation. Maybe that will eat through a bit of my leftovers.

too many scraps

I had fun playing with an iPhone photo of the quilt back during the four-hour trip to Grand Junction for the start of Ride the Rockies.



And now, for this quarter's list of projects in need of finishes:

Gone Hawaiian
1. Hawaiian Compass

final tweak
2. Snowflake Heartburn

Round Robin Progress
3. Square Robin

Finally flimsy!!!
4. Leaf Me Alone

Welcome to the Jungle
5. Welcome to the Jungle

such fun
6. Blue Floral Leftovers, the Sequel

7. Long Forgotten

8. Blue Floral

lime convergence
9. Green Batik Leftovers

too many layout choices
10. Lizard Toes

Turtle Sherbet
11. Turtle Sherbet

12. Skinned

under the sea
13. Under the Sea

14. Skinned, the Sequel

my dress ripped
15. Hexie Booboo

That's MY fabric design in the middle!!!
16. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

no longer a maybe
17. Teal Shadows

18. Gemtones

too much tea
19. Teabags

love at first sight
20. Goodbye Hollyhock Road

too many snowflakes
21. Snowflake Strip Bar

Charmed by Snowflakes
22. Charmed by Snowflakes

rainbow strip bar
23. Rainbow Strip Bar

Dreaming of a Lavender Christmas
24. Dreaming of a Lavender Christmas

Blue Christmas
25. Blue Christmas

Green Floral Postage Stamps
26. Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

Lake Dillon Fireworks
27. July Special Effects

Quilt of Valor
28. Quilt of Valor

Blue Floral Trilogy
29. Blue Floral Trilogy

Lavender Sunrise, Free-Motion Quilting Practice
30. Lavender Sunrise

I have wanted to make a dinnerplate dahlia quilt for forever.
31. Giant Dahlia

Faded Gems
32. Faded Gems

33. Showcase

My Scrap Vortex
34. Scrap Vortex

Joel's Baby Blues
35. Joel's Baby Blues

Heart Strings
36. Heart Strings

Another Ticker Tape
37. One More Ticker Tape

Arctic Skies
38. Arctic Skies

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  1. Wow, you'll never lack for something to do haha sure have many and all look great too. The cat is even weaving one, sorta, to rip off you in august lmao

    1. Wow, the Cat is weaving a tale of quilting? Or coughing up hairballs to be spun into yarn??? Whatever the Cat does, I'm sure I will be quite entertained!

  2. I like Ticker Tape II, it's bright and cheery. It also reminds me of hot air balloons and a balloon festival.

    1. Thanks, Lizard! It was a fun project, but I think I like the new Ticker Tape endeavor even better!

  3. I'm impressed with your run, and I love the texture of your quilt.

    1. Thank you! Ticker Tape quilts are so addictive!

  4. Tht lot will certainly keep you busy!!!

    1. Yes, it will, Jenny, but that's okay. I enjoy piecing and quilting enough that I don't feel discouraged about having so many WIPs!

  5. Oh What a gorgeous quilt! And I love the list of WIPs - it makes me feel so much better about all of mine!

    1. Thanks, Carie! I've been making progress on my list since I joined a quarterly WIP challenge. But I also have too many ideas in my head, and I keep starting new projects! At least I have variety...

  6. Your ticker tape quilt is really amazing. I wish I had your eye for colour and placement.

    This post makes me wish I had time to dive into my fabric stash and start quilting again!

    1. Thanks, Sue! Um, what makes you think I have time to dive into my fabric stash?!? :)


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