23 June 2015

Black Canyon

Curecanti National Recreation Area

Day 3
Hotchkiss to Gunnison
62 of 79 Miles
5,990-foot elevation gain
Song of the Day: Dreamweaver by Gary Wright
"Fly me away to the bright side of the moon; meet me on the other side"

I'm so trashed. But I did finish the climb.

loving the view but not the threatening sky

shoot away

selfie time

Morrow Point Reservoir

A bike rest

Through the eyes of others:

One woman hitch-hiked to Grand Junction from Westcliffe. !!!

Beefman Bloggeth about Day 2 and Day 3

Peak Pedaler's Day 2 report


  1. Congrats on finishing once again. That is a lot of bikes piled there, bet everyone just conked out after tossing them there lol

    1. From what I understand, they had to keep expanding the bike corral, Pat, because they didn't fence off enough to hold 2,000 bikes! Yes, lots of riders were pretty tired and grouchy that night. And then we had lightning too close for comfort all night long...

  2. Ahhh... My favorite mountain range in wet mode. The monsoon season may be a bit early this year. How I miss living close to the San Juans. The shots of the Black Canyon are great too. Yes, everyone was fairly "saturated, dried and cooked" by the end of the day. Enter Zeus for our evening light show!

    1. Maybe one day we'll take root in the San Juans, Lizard. I certainly wouldn't mind ending up there. We did get quite the lightning show, didn't we?

  3. Everything looks nice and green. What a gorgeous shot of the reservoir!

    So glad you finished the climb, and also that no one was struck by lightning. :)

    1. We had one bolt, Sue, that sent just about all the outdoor campers into panic mode. Bright, loud, instantaneous, so way, way too close. I figure it hit the Palisades behind the school because there was no delay between the clap and the light, and the Palisades probably serve as lightning rods.

      Yuppers, driven to finish any climb. Can't sag a climb. :)


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