12 June 2015

Friday Funny

Colorado River Sunset
Sunset on the Colorado River

Even stranger than skeletons having a tea party in the Colorado River is snorkeling in the Colorado River. !!! It's deep enough for that?!? :)

This news resulted in a host of comments and memories of similar fun from a variety of readers.

"On a slow day the sheriff's office will now be staffed by a skeleton crew." - Duke

"Oh thank God. For a second there I thought they found my old business partner. I did anchor him down real good but not in a lawn chair and certainly not wearing Foster Grants." - Bill

"It is part of an elaborate murder plot. Now that everything has been discovered as fake, they can plant some real bodies down there and no one will notice. I think I have an idea for a movie." - Gary M.

"Remember back when I told Uncle Harry and Aunt Nancy they were to old to go skinny dipping in the Colorado River?" - Vernon

"That's a lot of trouble for a funny joke that might not have ever been seen." - Scott

"Leave them be. It will be a fine tourist attraction." - Yoo-Hoo

"The 'Made in China' logo should be more visible." - Don't Ask

"Hey, I think those might be my sunglasses... always the last place you look." - 4rest Gump

"Should put them in a cell in the jail. Be funny seeing drunk people's reactions." - Loki

"In other news, the search for the missing cast of 'Weekend at Bernie's' continues." - R

"See what happens when you legalize Marijuana? The stoners come out of the woodwork." - Michael

"I bet the snorkeler was scared to the bone." - Jeff

"The authorities have a bone to pick with the prankster." - Who Are You

"Funny bones..." - Wash

"Someone out there is going to read this story and remember, 'Oh, THAT's where I left those...'" - Eric

"Must have sat through 'Fifty Shades of Grey' but still funny." - Charly B.

"Would have been cheaper to use real people. Those things cost money, and you can't buy them at Walmart." - Donald

"I just like the name Buckskin Fire Department." - Robert

"Put them outside the police station with a sign, 'Waiting for everyone to get along.'" - Chuck Morris

"Looks like an artistic interpretation of Congress in session." - FF

Look! It's Congress!

"Losing candidates after the 2016 presidential election." - Twin

"Already ISIS has claimed responsibility and demands that their lawn chairs be returned." - Reed

"If they really wanted to be funny they would have mounted the skeletons standing in concrete." - Lee M.

"Arizona is where the Tea Party was born! They got wise and threw the founder overboard!" - Cyrus

"'Snorkeler spots skeletons' - When the news initially broke, both Bill and Hillary suffered heart attacks because they assumed evidence had finally been discovered." - Joe

"America needs more humor... more smiles. Less outrage and less being offended at EVERYTHING." - PF

"When the kids were young, they just loved Halloween, so I bought this lifelike skeleton and hung it in the tree. Someone took the skeleton off the tree and threw it in a creek a few blocks from our house. I went to pick the kids up from school, and the police and fire department were by the creek. I could see they were laughing, and on the ground was my skeleton. Well, at least I knew what happened to my skeleton." - Lizzie

"I remember when a bunch of pink flamingos were stolen from people's yards. Over the next couple of years, the former owners would get pictures in the mail of their flamingos standing in front of the Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, Mt. Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty." - DB Cooper

"About 30 years ago I was a manufacturing rep for a lingerie company. Over time, I accumulated a bunch of samples I no longer had any need for. One evening, a friend and I had a tad too much to drink and on a lark decided to adorn all the lawn animals and flamingos populating several subdivisions. We 'decorated' about 25 homes. Several days later, a hilarious article in the paper told about local ladies ornament shopping to see if anything I left would fit." - Fred

"HA! Reminds me of the time my dad, brother and husband buried a medical skeleton in a cave outside Lake City, Colorado, and then just waited. A couple months later an out-of-state videographer visiting Lake City climbed to the cave. All he saw was a hand sticking out with wire around it. He raced down to alert the authorities, and the resulting investigation took up half the local paper that week.

"The best bit was reading all the theories: The victim was bound with wire and tortured - until discovering this was a medical skeleton. The skeleton had been there a long time - 'at least five years' - and probably part of some hazing or initiation ritual among the younger citizens of the town. Or perhaps it was put there for some evil ritual. No one considered it a practical joke!

"The sheriff and the coroner felt more than a bit silly when my dad went down to claim the skeleton and told the real story. I don't believe the real story ever made it to the paper - the sheriff laughed at the joke and said the 'mystery' could remain unsolved. The skeleton (Mortimer) now resides in my brother's basement and only comes out for the occasional hearse ride during special events (because yes, my brother drives a hearse)." - Gojo

"Great story! Reminds me of a few years ago outside Albany, when over two dozen garden gnomes were reported stolen from local residents' lawns. This went on for about a week, and then all the stolen garden gnomes turned up at a local baseball field. The gnomes were placed in various positions to simulate a baseball game, including the dugouts. People who reported their gnomes missing were asked to go to the local precinct to retrieve them. Hearing about this on the local news made my day and I'm sure many others' day as well. Loved it." - Pink Floydian

"Man after hearing this, I'm going to booby trap my gnome! So when they pick him up, they will get sprayed with skunk scent! They will be smelling like gnomebodies business! That'll teach 'em!" - Bill

Where is my gnome?

Garden Gnome Liberationists??? Why, yes. There IS such a thing.

Office Gnomes

400 gnomes stolen in Australia

greatest college pranks of all time

And just in case you can't get enough...

My dad used to tell us kids when we were young about one of the pranks he and his buddies pulled. According to him, they liked to stuff a potato in a school bust exhaust, then watch from a distance while the bus driver tried to figure out why his bus wouldn't keep running. As they got older, they got braver, he said. Now old enough to drive, they pulled up behind the target bus in one guy's fancy new '53 Chevy, sort of a front view perspective of the inevitable hilarity.

Except the prank backfired. Literally. The potato shot through the windshield of the beloved car. My dad said they never pulled a stunt like that again.

About 14 years ago, the youngest employees where I work would prank each other each time one of them went on vacation. Once they newspapered an entire office and all the furniture in it while the occupant was gone. Another time, they turned all the furniture in the office around to face the opposite direction.

Those are NOT peanuts.
Those are NOT peanuts!

My favorite personal prank of all time (so far) was when I was just past teenager. I had a bossy and prickly co-worker at my first newspaper. She'd used one of my photos upside down, she'd intentionally put her name on my photos, and she was known for keeping a running tape recorder in her purse so she could record conversations without being in the room. She was so possessive of her position, she had to be forced to take vacation time.

I filled her desk drawers with Styrofoam peanuts the day before she returned from the only vacation she ever took. While she ranted and raved the next day about the mess, I filled her car with even more Styrofoam peanuts. Later that day, the publisher called me in for a good talking-to, but, oh, was it ever worth it!

Have you ever pulled any really good pranks?

My Kind of Lawn Ornament
My Kind of Lawn Ornament


  1. lol some fun ones there, the weekend at bernies one was great.haha karma came back around with the potato. Can't recall ever doing any major ones, just a few here and there

  2. 'Now that everything has been discovered as fake, they can plant some real bodies down there and no one will notice...'

    Thanks for the tip.

    P.S. Did I see you somewhere in HERE? Somewhere....


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