20 June 2015

Grand Junction

30 Years

We're here!!! We're in Grand Junction, and tomorrow we begin the 30th anniversary Ride the Rockies!

This is what we left behind in Denver. Flooding the night before. Bike path totally immersed. It should be at least a little dryer along our route.

Yuppers, that's the boat, er, um, bike path!

I had set a goal to finish my next ticker tape quilt before Ride the Rockies. It's SO difficult to get any sewing done when I'm training for a big ride. But I did it!

I finished everything but the binding 15 minutes after our ride to Grand Junction arrived!

2nd ticker tape quilt finished, just needs binding

I scored THE. LAST. PAIR. of women's shorts so I can be matcheypoo!!!

The New Kit>

Bike Heaven

PS: We're actually home now. Ride the Rockies ended today, and my daily posts are on a timed delay. I learned I cannot post from my iPhone, and I learned I cannot edit/fix published blog posts from my iPhone. Live and learn...


  1. Good luck with the ride. Pics aren't showing in this one, fyi.

    1. Thanks, Pat. I was halfway up Hardscrabble Pass when I discovered that and that I couldn't do anything about it. On the very bright side, can you believe I had signal on Hardscrabble Pass?!? :)

  2. It was a fine ride and I look forward to your posts.

    1. I'm so glad I got to do this tour with you, Lizard. It was so difficult, but I'm beginning to relish in the joy of finishing now that my body is healing...

  3. Oh my gosh Deb, that quilt is amazing! Wow!

    Looking forward to all the RtR posts, and very glad you both made it home safe and sound. :)

    1. Thank you, Sue. They asked on the survey this year if we would be interested in a three-day tour in conjunction with the seven-day tour. As long as it wasn't the Grand Mesa, Mount Evans and Pikes Peak, I'll bet you could do it!


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