25 June 2015

Cottonwood Pass

Taylor Reservoir

Day 5
Crested Butte to Salida
77 of 102 Miles
12-hour day for me
5,812-foot elevation gain
Song of the Day: I'm Still Standing by Elton John

I hope I'm stronger when this is over. I did not sag the climb. Done in by headwind, sleep-deprivation, heat, hunger and saddle sores. iPhone died before summit, but Cyclemeter recorded my whole 77 miles. Ran out of food I carried by summit, most vendor food I could eat at summit sold out by the time I got there. Two more hard climbs, and then I get my real bed back.

takin' a dandy break

the view


six miles from the summit


Rocky Mountain High

riders are lovin' it

swept away


smile and wave

keep on pedaling

climb on

keep going

how far we've come

Made it!!!


going down

Stately Mount Princeton


  1. Damn, that sounds like quite the miserable climb, as things just ran out and conked out haha

    1. It actually was one of my favorite days, Pat, until I got what they determined must have been heat exhaustion. I took a long, long time to climb Cottonwood, but I think I had a pretty good climb. It was so rewarding getting to the top, even though I was exhausted.

  2. A tough day! A scenic day! A European feel to the route. I thought the dirt side added to the day's mission. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a moose, but no luck.

    1. I was looking for moose, too, Lizard. Heaven only knows I was going slow enough, I should have been able to spot one if they'd been out anywhere!

  3. The "going down" shot made my insides curl.

    These photos seem to me to be quintessential RtR (from the point of view of someone who's never done the event). Beyond-stunning views and beyond-difficult climbs! Beyond-worth-it rewards.

    I can't imagine climbing like that on a dirt road. Sure hope it was well packed!

    1. It was well-packed, and I actually did okay on the climb. Slow but steady. I love this climb. Love the views. Love Taylor Reservoir. Love that I got to ride alongside the Lizard for a few minutes!


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