06 January 2015

Snowflake Warmth

Light Me Up

The final two work weeks of 2014 were rough; always are that time of year as clients push to get their books closed out for the year and my bosses have their own accounting-type stuff that has to be done before any of us can go home on New Year's Eve. I often don't get home in time to do anything fun or personal that entire two weeks.

My husband was never a big fan of Christmas until he met me, and even then, he wasn't initially a fan; he just tolerated it on my behalf at the beginning. Yet he always has allowed me to snowflake indulge since Day One. He is my biggest supporter when it comes to snowflakes. He hates the commercialism of the season, and he wants nothing to do with Christmas shopping. (Most guys are like that, right?) (Unless they get to buy a motorcycle or something like that for a lucky recipient...)

I got home late the Monday before Christmas, frazzled and overwhelmed with things that still needed to be done. I went right to work on home stuff, even though he kept trying to encourage me to slow down and take a nice hot mineral bath in the guest bathroom. He ended up going to bed before me, and I never did get my soak that night.

He tried again Christmas Eve's Eve, and once again, we both rushed to and fro, trying frantically to get things done, get neighborhood treats delivered, get the kitchen cleaned up after dinner, get laundry going... Finally, at at bedtime, I stepped into the guest bathroom to light my snowflake candle, as I do whenever I do get to soak in lavender/spearmint/rosemary-infused bathwater, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head!!!

My dearly beloved said he'd been trying to get me into the guest bathroom for three days, and I never had time until Christmas Eve's Eve, and then, he wasn't right there, so he missed my expression! But he did hear the vocal reaction.

My dophin shower curtain I bought 18 years ago when both my kids wanted to be marine biologists had been replaced with a snowflake shower curtain!!!

Snowflake Shower


  1. That was an awesome thought indeed, fits you perfectly. And yeah the commercialism of it has gotten way out of hand

    1. Perfect fit, Pat! I think this one will hang for another 18 years!!!

  2. Oh Deb, what a FABULOUS gift! The Lizard is a keeper for sure. But you knew that already.

    P.S. As usual, you are ahead of me in bicycle miles for the year. Sigh. ;)

    1. I'm ahead of you with only three miles??? Oh, Sue, I hope this is not a harbinger of the year to come!

      Tippers, he IS a keeper!!!

  3. He is quite the supporter! Amazingly thoughtful. Hopefully you did get the lavender/spearmint/rosemary-infused bathwater - I'm smelling it now!

    1. Oh, it was heavenly, Patty! He even brought me a home style orange juice with lots of pulp to sip while I soaked!

  4. 18 years is a good long stay for any shower curtain, but it had very good reasons! How do your grown-up children like the snowflakes?

  5. The kids know I'm addicted to snowflakes, Karen, but I haven't seen either of them in a few years. They are free spirits...


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