20 January 2015

In Search Of...

Searching for Snowflakes in All the Wrong Places

New year, new list of wacky ways people find my blog, as well as some comforting true blue, old standards.

Favorite ways people find me, compiled from ever since I began blogging in 2009:

1. snowcatcher
2. snowcatcher monday
3. crochet snowflake patterns
4. the snowcatcher
5. free snowflake patterns
6. century snowflake
7. snowcatcher directory
8. how to make awesome snowflakes
9. what to do with crochet snowflakes
10. deb atkinson snowflakes
11. snowflakes and cycling
12. snowflake mondays group
13. snowflake blocking template
15. best snowflake patterns

Interesting ways people find me:

1. get rid of mealy bug
2. white stuff on my plants
3. crochet mitered square pattern
4. enchanted forest snowfkake pattern (Yes, that's the spelling used!)
5. crazy snowflakes
6. crochet snowflake pattern for star
7. cactus quilt rack
8. ugly butterflies
9. how to make a snowflake out of frosting
10. white house plant bug (Boy, is that a loaded search or what?!?)
11. smokejumpers in action
12. sock tree
13. totally love it snowflake
14. how many sides has a snowflake
15. noteflake

And a few of the most unusual searches people used to find my blog:

1. snow lizards
2. "the lizard didn't know"
3. dog paper snowflake pattern
4. dallas cowbow afghan
5. a few rows to make dishcloth with book in middle
6. how many snowflakes to put in washing machine
7. a lizard is like a snowflake because
8. snowflake bug remedy
9. 3d beaded bug patterns
10. snowcaycher
11. showcatcher
12. snow cat her
13. bloody monday
14. ravelry banned members (Musical or not allowed?!?)
15. wreck my boss

The day after I finished writing this post, one of my most popular posts (for that day only), was this one. I suspect the recent news story detailing the invention and marketing of a butt-selfie phone attachment and subsequent news this miracle of modern technology sold out in just a few days may have had something do to with my Pierce the Bunny post's jump in popularity, being as many of the commenters referenced the bunny's behind.

forever in snowdrifts


  1. haha so how many snowflakes can go in the washing machine? And look at that, a cat one too. I guess all the sickos just find me.

    1. I don't know why snowflakes would go in the washing machine, Pat. I am really puzzled by that one. Maybe they got them dirty?!?

  2. I love the various crazy searches! I was more conventional with crocheted snowflake patterns, guess I'll have to get more creative! lol. I have been working on making a number of your snowflakes & improving my crocheting ability, patterns have always been a real challenge as I am self taught. Your photos are both beautiful & inspiring, the bald eagle in the snowstorm actually made me chilly for a moment. You have some awesome talents, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Karielle, and welcome! I hope my patterns are easy for you to follow! I have been back to search for that eagle about six times now, and I think he/she has moved on. :(

  3. "the lizard didn't know"

    Ahh... but thou Lizard does knoweth...

    I like baldy waiting for a potential meal opportunity. I remember that day up Mill Creek too. As I recall, we bucking 18- to 24-inches of snow to get to the parking area. Fun, fun, fun!

    1. Yes, Lizard, you remember that day well! It's time to go back! The deep snow is calling us!

  4. "The lizard didn't know" and "bloody monday" - what WERE they looking for?

    Or do we really want to know?


    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, Sue, just thinking about what The Lizard doesn't know and what Bloody Monday means, other than misheard U2 lyrics, cracks my funny bone beyond recognition! And oh, how I needed that after all those stupid medical tests the last two weeks! (Okay, they weren't stupid, but they were very draining...)

  5. Hi Sweetie! I miss you. Living in Cuba now. Dropping off daughter to MTC very soon. She is going to Temple Square Mission. Three hour lay over in Denver if your not busy and want to chat for a bit. hahaha

    1. Oh, Sandra!!! How awesome it is to hear from you, and SUCH great news!!! I emailed you to wish you a happy birthday, and when I didn't hear back, I got really worried. Of course I'd love to spend time with Rebecca during her layover, and I'll write to her on her mission, too! Email me details, please!!!!!


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