27 January 2015

Wordless Wednesday

from a stained glass photoshopped photo

from a pair of socks

from a photoshopped flower

A snowflake created from, of all things, an amaryllis!

from a photoshopped tree

from a photoshopped knitted hat

from a hydrangea

from a candlelit flower

from fireworks


  1. haha those were great, trying to send everyone for a trip? As you stare and away the go

    1. That would be some kind of trip, Pat, with none of the recently legalized stuff to boost mileage! ;)

  2. Looks like my brain waves for the past nine days.

    1. You, and me, too, Lizard. Glad that's all cleared up now!!!

  3. Nice. I was trying to figure out if the last one was from yarn as well as photoshop? I love the combination of "analog" and digital technologies!

  4. Wow oh wow! I especially like the socks, tree, hydrangea, and hat ones. The knitting looks almost like something that you could actually do with needles ... almost. :)


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