13 January 2015

Simply the Best

Mama, look at all the fun food down there on the road!
Favorite Grizzly Photo and Caption of 2014

Blue Gumpster recently asked if I might share my favorite Yellowstone grizzly photo. That got me thinking. I have a lot of favorite 2014 photos, and why not share?!? Better than printing them on a 2014 calendar... Bwha ha ha ha hah!

third attempt
A Favorite Snowflake Photo, Third Time Using Macro Extension Tube

Seeing Double
Favorite Rainbow Shot of the Year

Gold at the Foot of the Rainbow
Second Favorite Rainbow Shot

Golden Rainbow Middle

Rainbow Skeleton
Okay, So I Like Rainbows

Just Ride
Favorite Sunrise Before D300 Went Kaput

perfect autumn sunrise
Favorite Sunrise Before D300 Went in the Shop for the Second Time

cold pink
Favorite Sunrise After D300 Spends 4 Months Total in the Shop

15 April 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse Montage

my first zinnia of the year
Favorite Garden Shot of the Year

Favorite Dead Horse Point Photo

another world
Too Many Wave Favorites to Pick Just One, So Here's One No One Else Shot

Favorite Wave Wildlife (another shot no one else got)

The Lizard
Favorite Person at The Wave

Leave No Trace
Too Many White Pocket Favorites to Pick Just One

My Favorite Lizards
Favorite Quilt Shot of the Year

Vail Pass
Favorite Cycling Shot of the Year

Hudson Gardens
Favorite iPhone Shot of the Year

Oh, here's the way up!
Favorite Bighorn Shot of the Year

Favorite Wildlife Head Shot of the Year


  1. They are all awesome shots indeed, the iphone one is rather trippy too. Those bighorn's sure can climb

    1. Thanks, Pat! At the end of every year, the wildlife shots always ranks as favorites for me... except when we get into The Wave...

  2. Excellent! I can't pick just one. I like them all.

    Momma griz looks to be having a bad hair day.

    1. That's a huge compliment, Lizard! Thank you!

  3. What wonderful photographs, SC! But I'm really amazed by all your quilting WIPs and the fact that you can see someone making a snowflake and reproduce it! Your favorite person on The Wave was awesome! I so have to see that formation! Have a great day!

    1. Oh, Fundy, you really should go to The Wave if you ever get a chance. It is truly magical!

  4. Bwaa ha ha indeed!

    Funny, I just mentioned rainbows in a comment on your windshield post. :)

    Unless I'm mistaken, your favourite person at the Wave is also your favourite person Anywhere. Am I right? :D

    1. Aww, shucks, Sue, you were onto me!!! Yep, he's my favorite person anywhere!


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