22 January 2015


a way of life

NOTE: I originally wrote this post a couple months ago, then couldn't get online to post it. Maybe that's a good thing. Less whining, right?

I've complained and grumbled about poor internet access at home. Sometimes I've been downright frustrated and/or angry. There are evenings when we get cut off six times in ten minutes.

Many times, I decide it's just not worth it. I don't even bother to connect. I've got plenty of other things to do, and I wouldn't give up my paradise outside the metro area for anything. Well, maybe paradise in the mountains...

I've had pretty good internet options away from home, and I think I've been taking them a bit for granted. We recently learned one of my other options is going to be blocked soon. Blocked. Not just restricted. Completely blocked. Nothing. End of the line. Get off the train.

This new change is going to totally change my blogging world, which can sometimes be somewhat akin to a second full-time job for me.

I love my blog, or blahg as I affectionately called it in the beginning. I crave the journalistic aspect, I love to create, I love to see what others create, and I love to read, learn and challenge myself. Many hours go into my behind-the-scenes, from designing and writing snowflake patterns and sometimes other handmade items, to writing my own html, building my own pages, stalking and photographing wildlife, training and riding, and even helping crocheters who have trouble with my patterns.

Many people are more cantankerous and belligerent about this soon-to-be internet bottleneck than I've ever been over my home internet woes. I'm trying really hard to take the higher road. I've come to the conclusion I had a pretty good thing for a very long time, and I'm grateful for what I had while I had it. Instead of complaining and whining about a situation I cannot change, I'm going to attempt to adapt.

That means my internet presence is going to morph into something different and unpredictable, sort of like Zuul in Ghostbusters, an ugly monster that becomes a gigantic marshmallow man. Or maybe it's the other way around??? I probably won't get to hop and comment as much as I'd like. My blog is one of my important communities, and I have no intention of letting it go. (Current movie fav "Frozen" is no help to me at all in this respect! "Don't let it go, don't let it go, hold it back ever more...") I enjoy the friendships and sometimes even the challenge of finding adequate internet access.

Nevertheless, things in this blogging neighborhood likely will change in the very near future due to circumstances beyond my control. Do not fear, however. I'm not abandoning my post. I just have to work a different shift, so to speak, and it may take me a while to adjust to this new way of internet life, but adjust I will.

Please be patient with me while I get my feet back on the ground.

UPDATE: I've dumped my 23-year internet provider to try something new, and fingers crossed this new setup is better than the disintegrating service I've had (and paid for) the last six months...

Are you looking at me?


  1. Good luck! I use Verizon Broadband.

  2. Thanks, Charlotte. There are only three providers in the boonies where I live, and that's not one of them, unfortunately.

  3. Hopefully the new one will be better. That would drive be nuts with the disconnecting 6 times a night. Thing beyond our control we shouldn't worry about and just let it go haha

    1. It was insane, Pat, not only because it was frustrating, but because I was paying good money for absolutely no service!!! Okay, rant done...

  4. Once you touch down, you're site will be just as good as it is now.

    1. Thanks, Lizard. Thanks for sticking with me through all this mess. Electronic and otherwise...

  5. I can guess what the new change is ... and if my guess is correct, all I can say is that they were probably driven to it by people abusing the system. Everyone will just have to put on their big-girl panties (or big-boy shorts) and deal with it! Though I'm very sorry for the trouble it will give you.

    Hang in there, and you know we will be happy to read whatever you write (and look at whatever photos you post) whether it's every day or once a week.

    I think the bighorn in your last photo is really saying "Keep smiling!" :)

    1. You were spot on, Sue; and it still frustrates the heck out of me that people would take such blatant advantage of something that should have been more appreciated.

      I hope I don't have to reduce the publication schedule, but it's good to know people will be patient with me if that does happen.


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