09 January 2015

Power of WIPs, the sequel

Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time!

It's that time of quarter once again! Time to take stock of unfinished quilts and see how many still need to be done!

How can it be? Even though I finished two quilts last quarter, I still have more unfinished quilts now than last quarter! Are they multiplying and replenishing the earth or something?!?

Gone Hawaiian

1. Hawaiian Compass

unnamed and unfinished

2. Snowflake Heartburn

Square Robin Progress

3. Square Robin

Finally flimsy!!!

4. Leaf Me Alone

Welcome 2 the Jungle

5. Welcome to the Jungle

Peacock Blues

6. Blue Floral Leftovers, the Sequel


7. Long Forgotten

blue floral

8. Blue Floral Leftovers

lime convergence

9. Green Batik Leftovers

layout is going to be fun

10. Lizard Toes

If I did one lizard per week every week, I could have this one ready to piece at the end of the year. But can I do one lizard a week???

It quilts!

11. Snow-Dyed

This is high on my list this quarter because I can't make any more snow-dyed fabric until I use up what I've already made. We have about 13 inches on the ground right now... perfect for another batch. So hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

Turtle Sherbet

12. Turtle Sherbet


13. Skinned

under the sea

14. Under the Sea

hst skins

15. Skinned, the Sequel

my dress ripped

16. Boohoo Hexies

all hearts

17. All My Heart

the courage to fight

18. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

sort of teal

19. Teal Maybe Not


20. Gemtones

rainbow tea

21. Teabags

50 shades of hollyhock

hollyhock fade

22. Hollyhock-Dyed

This one may need a new name and a new dip in a new dye pot. I'm very sad to confess the gorgeous hollyhock purples have faded over the last three months to various shades of eggshell with no direct sunlight. Dang!

cotton blizzard

23. Secret Project

This is my main goal for next quarter, but I can't share details (or photos) until about February. Hopefully then I can do a Big Reveal!

one third of the collection

24. Snowflake Strip Bar

Charmed by Snowflakes

25. Charmed by Snowflakes

rainbow strip bar

26. Rainbow Strip Bar

Just need about four more colors...

Dreaming of a Lavender Christmas

27. Dreaming of a Lavender Christmas

One of my goals this quarter is to use up all my Spoonflower fat quarters. These little quilts will make perfect Christmas gifts, I think.

Ticker Tape

28. Ticker Tape

Probably the last thing I needed to do was start yet one more quilt, but I absolutely fell in love with Amanda Jean's Ticker Tape doll quilt and thought this would be a great way to use up the scraps I've been saving for too many years that are too small to use any other way. I also think this could be a great way of using up tiny scraps as I go while keeping the project fun and fresh at the same time.

Blue Christmas

29. Blue Christmas

Another Spoonflower fat quarter put to good use.

Blue Christmas leftovers

30. Blue Christmas Leftovers

I think this will make the coolest commute bag!!!

Lavender Stash

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  1. That is sure a ton indeed, wow a machine at your sea. Welcome to the jungle is an awesome one indeed

    1. Wow, Pat, this is about the third time you've seen Welcome to the Jungle. Is it growing on you, or do you have to see it fully buried beneath 29 other quilts to recognize the princess pea beneath all that weight?!? :D Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, did you ever make me laugh with that comment, Charlotte!

  3. um, what are you doing blogging?? Get back to that design wall and sewing machine missy!! Gotta use those snow dyes.... or better yet! I can help!!!
    It's fun to do them, and you enjoy it and have all that snow right? Make them and send them to me! Of course I could just hoard them as they'd be too pretty to use. Great projects you'll never be without a project to work on!. I enjoyed that. I must say the snowdyed fabric piece intrigued me the most, the graphic pattern with the painterly feel is really strong. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

    1. I can't believe the awesome comments I'm getting this week, LeeAnna! Perhaps I should indeed stop blogging until I finish at least, let's see, maybe three? :) My goal right now is to get as many as possible into quilt sandwiches, and then next winter when the snow hits, I can do the hand quilting and the machine quilting. It's really difficult to get any quilting done when the weather is good enough for bicycles!

      I do think another batch of snow-dyed fabric is necessary. Maybe I'll push that one up on the list a bit so I can make use of some of that stuff this is falling again right now as I type. Ha ha ha!

  4. I'm catching my breath! Wow - best wishes for the first quarter.......... tic toc :) !

    1. Thanks, Patty! Yes, I hear that clock ticking... I promise. I'll get SOMETHING done. :)

  5. Good grief! I had no idea.... Perhaps when you retire you can finish them all? :)

    How about "Hollyhock DIED" for the new name on that one quilt. (Or perhaps "Fugitive".) Though the colours may have faded, they're still very lovely.

    1. Another candidate for best comment ever, Sue! Hollyhock Died. I love it! That's the most I've laughed all year!!!

  6. I really like Blue Christmas. Perhaps Aerosmith's Steve Tyler could purchase some strips from Skinned, The Sequel to tie around his mic. I'm not sure about Snowflake Strip Bar. You're not making snowflake pasties and g-strings are you? ; ) I guess we'll have to start hanging quilts in the basement.

  7. You make me laugh so hard! I'm going to have visions of Steve Tyler wrapping in fluorescent skins for day now! Thanks a lot, Lizard!!! :)

  8. Love love love. My favorite, long forgotten. Then of course ask things snowflakes. Live the snowed dyed also. I cannot imagine all those quilts I one place.

    1. Thanks, Di! Thanks to bad weather on a recent three-day weekend, five of these are now basted quilt sandwiches, hanging on my cactus quilt rack, awaiting quilting! So five of them truly are in one place!


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