08 January 2015

Sans Bike

Super Trooper!

Eldon Nelson, aka Fat Cyclist, recently posted a thought-provoking question most cyclists do not like.

Without the bike, what would be left of me?

Fatty said biking is what he and his wife do. But he also writes and raises money and awareness on behalf of cancer. Nevertheless, when he thinks about going without the bike, he likens the inner turmoil to going without air.

That's pretty dramatic, but I wonder if it isn't a tiny bit true for me, too.

I have needlework coming out my ears, and I have cameras and photography spilling out of every other dream in my life. I love to write, hike, bake, garden, read, research genealogy, design, cross-country ski and stalk wildlife. In another life, I loved to play chess and Tetris. I suppose I would play more if I didn't have a bike and cross-country skis.

Fatty said his favorite dates with his wife are when they ride together.

I love everything I get to do with my husband, and thanks to a recent severely conflicting work schedule, I appreciate every minute with him now more than ever. Takes me back to the days when he lived across the state from me...

Yet cycling is a huge part of our lives. What if one or both of us couldn't ride anymore?

I've faced fears of that very chilling thought through the trauma my back has become since about six months after we began dating. But I've always been able to work my way back onto the bike. What if the day comes when I can no longer do that?

This is a beautiful world, and I'm trying to enjoy and find beauty every day I live on it. Nevertheless, going bikeless would present a level of sadness I don't even want to think about.

Vail Pass on a Warmer Day


  1. True, it would not be fun at all for you to never bike again. But as with anything we adapt and find something new, not that we want to, but we can

    1. I truly would find alternatives if I had to, Pat, but I'm very thankful it hasn't come to that yet. :)

  2. Spectacular shot, Snowcatcher! May you never not be able to ride on your beloved bike!

    1. Amen, Fundy! I hope I can always keep riding! Even in winter (choke, choke...) :)

  3. Nice snow shots. The dude in yellow looks a bit Klingon. But, you know what? I'm sure we'll ride to the grave. As the illustrious Captain Kirk would say, "hang on!" In fact, I'm drawing up prints for a bike/cane combo as we speak.

    But always, remember — a clean bike is a happy bike.

    1. You are such a hoot, Lizard! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

      Thanks for cleaning my extremely muddy bike for me this weekend.

  4. Those are cryptic words from the Lizard ("a clean bike etc."). I sense a history there....

    I too sometimes wonder what would happen if I couldn't ride any more. (Had a taste of it last year - and you've had more than a taste, more than once.) I know I'd still take great pleasure in walking, but it would be very hard to do without the freedom of the road.

    I have a strong feeling that if and when we ever have to give up cycling, it will be because we can no longer do it safely. And that might make it a tiny bit easier. Just a tiny bit.

    1. Let's hope we never have to give up cycling, Sue, and let's hope both of us have a better year in 2015! Here's to 3,000 miles for me, and Tour de Lavender for both of us...

  5. I feel the same way you do. There was a time when I couldn't ride a bike, before my lumbar fusion surgery. It was sooooo sad. Now, I do everything in my power to make sure that I can keep riding (that's what motivates me to do my boring core exercises and stretches!!!!). No - let's forget the "sans bike" notion!


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