02 May 2014


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My Home-Printed Snowflake Fabric

I miss printing my own fabric. A LOT. We were forced to buy a new computer a couple of years ago, and my fancy, schmancy Canon photo printer doesn't work with the new computer. I'm beginning to mellow a bit, but for all these months, I've been rebelling against the computer industry for forcing continual upgrades and new purchases.

Eventually, we will invest in a new photo printer. While my steam continues to fizzle, I decided perhaps it's time to try Spoonflower. Several friends and even some non-sewing family members have been suggesting and urging I develop my own line of fabric.

The test print is in!!!

Oh, am I in love!!!

my first test print

Of course, this makes me miss printing my own fabric even more. I must confess, though, it will be fun to use this and my next test print up while I try to save up for a new printer.

My first test print is but a fat quarter. I had to make sure my latest idea looked good on fabric before moving forward. I already knew it looked good on paper...

greeting cards

That didn't stop me from experimenting with matching wrapping paper!!!

Nice work!

It's a wrap!

My Snowflakes on Stage

Better Than the Rest

I've been placing all my pins on a little wall quilt for about 12 years now. When The Lizard came along, he began collecting pins, too. At first, we could put our pins together. Didn't take long, though, for him to need his own pin space. So I made a pin quilt for him.

The Lizard's pin quilt is beginning to fill up.

In the last couple of years, my pin quilt began showing signs of too many pins. I don't have enough room anymore to move pins around and make room for new pins, unless I start pinning right on the photo! (Which I actually considered when I learned our printer would not work with the new computer.)

Time to make another pin quilt; this one is full!

No More Room

I thought my first test print with Spoonflower might be the perfect center for a new pin quilt. I can keep all my cycling, mountain and event pins on the old pin quilt, and my new snowflake pin quilt could house all my crafty pins, such as Ravellenics and Denver National Quilt Festival. It might also make a good home for the breast cancer awareness pins and the blood donor pins.


A New Home

The Collection

It's going to take me a little while to figure out which pins I want where. I don't mind the puzzle, though. It will be fun to relive the memories of the pins as I slowly repin. And I'll be getting a new Denver National Quilt Festival pin tomorrow!

As much as I love my Spoonflower fabric, I'm hoping to have my own printer by the time I need another pin quilt. There's just so much more satisfaction in knowing I made the fabric myself.

In the meantime, man, is it ever cool to get one of my photos or photo creations on a piece of fabric bigger than 8.5x11!!!

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wearable fabric prints

quilt back

Winter 14ers

Sunshine Peak


Half of my 14er Quilt in front of Mount Princeton


  1. Wow they do come out great, yeah I'm with you, the idiots make thing so they break in a few years, at best, and so that you have to buy a whole bunch of other crap to make them work.

    1. Thanks, Pat! I hate that I won't win this battle and at some point must give in a buy a new printer, but this project certainly helped a TINY bit of computer/printer healing and forgiveness settle in... :)

  2. this is all so awesome I don't know what to say. The fabric ties together your passions of crochet and fabric. I've never tried spoonflower, but am considering it now. The pins, again so fun! Where is the 2014 French bulldog from?? LeeAnna Paylor

    1. Thanks, LeeAnna! That bulldog would be Ravelry's mascot, Bob, and the pin is from the 2014 Ravellenics, for which I earned a virtual award for completing the most projects during the Olympics on my fiber arts team!!! (I "play" for Star Fleet Fiber Arts Academy.)

  3. Your fabric creation is awesome. And matching wrapping paper is really cool. You may be on the path to a whole new venture.

    1. Thanks, Melinda! Boy, would that ever be awesome!!!

  4. Wow! Your paper and fabric are beautiful. Very original!

    1. Thank you, Nesta! Both were adventurous to create!

  5. Hi there, it's Kate from the Quilting Professor... thanks for offering to take a photo of my quilt at the Denver Show !!!! Yoohoo, I would love love to have that. It's listed under Kathleen Rountree, my "real" , non-bloggy name!
    My email is listed on my blog... or leave a comment. thank you so very very much !!! Kathleen (Kate)

    1. Kathleen, your quilt is so awesome, I can't wait to see it in person! Thanks for the info; that probably will help me find it, but it's so unique, I know it will stand out!

  6. Deb, that wrapping paper is stunning. You SHOULD sell it!

    Spoonflower sounds delightfully addictive. I can imagine the fun you could have with it.

    P.S. I recognize that pink lei.... its purple sister is draped over my nightstand. :D

    1. That's so funny that you still have your lei, too, Sue! Maybe we'll have another matching set this year...


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