30 May 2014

Friday Funny

Eyebombing in Madrid from The Adventures Archive on Vimeo.


  1. haha wow, I guess even the machines can now say Eye see you

  2. adorable, now I want to prance around DC leaving googly eyes! I'm going to send your link to my friend in the Netherlands to see your quillows and flower pics. Nice post on the quillows, are you okay? What else... keep on keepin' on.

    1. Thanks, LeeAnna! I am okay. The quilt top donations were several years ago, and I was reminded of the story while looking through that old stash again for backing for Turtle Sherbet. Now a couple more stories are beginning to unfold from that age-old stash, so I had to lay the foundation for what happens with my kid stash next... Hope I ignite some suspense!

  3. So have you eyebombed your bike yet? :)

    Love the Cookie Monster one.


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