22 May 2014

The Time of My Life

baby sunflower

While Zephyr was dumping 10 inches of snow on my emerging garden, The Lizard and I trekked west, where we expected warm desert weather and awesome mountain bike riding conditions.

What we got instead was torrential downpours, high winds and chilly temperatures.

Yet the desert wildflowers know what time of year it is, and they did not disappoint.

Flash flooding throughout canyon country created short-lived waterfalls and red muddy creeks and streams.

We didn't get to ride as planned, but we enjoyed every minute of red rock heaven. My dear, sweet husband says a bad day is when I don't shoot 600 shots. I had good days all extended weekend long!

My only regret is failing to shoot the canyon spouts that spit out the running water like red paint tubes under pressure. Some of my blue flowers were flat on the ground when we returned home, thanks the weight of the snow, but they'd have been that way even if I'd stayed home. I clipped them and stuck them in an Elephant Rock water bottle, where they delight me all evening after the sun sets.

Indoor Happiness

I've had the time of my life
Though I've been here many times before
Yes, I swear it's all new
And I owe it all to you
Because I've had the time of my life
We've opened every magic door
Finding smiles in all we do
And I owe it all to you

(My apologies to Franke Previte, who wrote the more familiar lyrics.)

peach cactus

pink cactus

yellow cactus

baby cactus

blanket flower

baby blanket flower

mystery flower

tansy, I think


fairy trumpet

at the hotel

Memories of a Marvelous Moab Mission


  1. Brrr! 10 inches of snow!! I don't think I could handle that. We are having great weather here in SC today....90+!! Great photos.

    1. I would have to say 10 inches of snow in mid-May is not my favorite thing, Charlotte, but the garden seems to have survived, so I won't whine too much. :)

  2. Even if it isn't what you expect it can still turn out grand indeed and anything, almost,is better than snow lol

    1. In May, I have to agree that almost anything is better than snow, Pat. Anything but drought that causes fires like we had for the last two or three years. It has been a breath of fresh air, literally, this year to NOT have the extreme fire danger and smoke so thick we can't breathe.

  3. Hotel?!? You didn't camp in the rain? ;)

    Wow, those pink cactus blooms look just like roses. The fairy trumpet shot is breathtaking. And I think you're right about the tansy. :)

  4. It was 23" of snow up here :) We escaped just after the snow and just after the torrential downpours in Moab. We camped up above the Fisher Towers. Loved, loved it. Your flower photos are inspiring.


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