06 May 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Spring is here!!!

My favorite guy in pink.

Pink Me

Ride Pink

Amazing Pink

Amazing White

Scented Heaven

Too Pretty in White

Too Pretty in Pink

royal carpet


  1. All kinds of color today, much much much better than snow on display haha

    1. Boy, do you ever have that right, Pat! But we have more snow on the way Monday... aargh!

  2. Ooh, your flowering crab is out! Absolutely gorgeous. Ours won't be in bloom for a week or two at least.

    And your arms are showing! Up to yesterday I was still riding in jacket and tights. Maybe by the time I get back on the bike it will be warm enough to ride in short sleeves.... :)

    1. Here's hoping you can get back on the bike quickly, Sue, and I'll blow real hard and hope I send some warm air your way... (Although we're not out of the woods yet; snow again on Monday, the day after Mother's Day, when we're supposed to be good to plant!!!)

  3. Spring is so glorious. Makes me think winter was eons ago. Thanks for the jazz doodling love.

    1. Winter is still playing hide and seek with us, Stratoz. I hope your weather is better!


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