26 December 2013



Before our first overnight freeze back in September, I harvested as much of my lavender and rosemary as possible and every sprig of mint I could reach. I put some rosemary in bottles of vinegar with fresh peppercorns and placed the bottles in the window for sunlight to make rosemary-infused vinegar. The rest of the herbs were left to dry, heavenly scenting my kitchen with such a pleasant aroma.

The Sunday before the annual craft fair at the office where I work, I mixed the dried lavender, rosemary and mint in bottles with a touch of orris powder to make potpourri. I did not use gloves. My hands smelled of the refreshing herbs for the next two days. Oh, darn! :)

nostril heaven


  1. Well it isn't so bad you hands smelled refreshing,beats other smells any day

  2. What a great idea. I have done so many things win my herbs, but never vinegar. I'm definitely doing this next year!

  3. You are so talented, SC! Lovely photos of your preserved herbs! I wish I could smell them!

  4. Is there such thing as 'scratch and sniff' for blogs, yet? I bet they smell heavenly......

  5. It sounds wonderful! Every time I clip rosemary or thyme for cooking, I walk around sniffing my fingers afterwards. Who needs glue? :D


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