13 December 2013

Commuting in Winter

Trailer: A Winter of Cyclists from ChainRing Films on Vimeo.

I'm somewhat bummed by the timing of this new movie. Don't get me wrong. I bought it and watched it first available opportunity; after all, I've been commuting in winter for quite a few years...

Until this movie was made. Dang. I could have joined the challenge and maybe even have been featured! Does anyone else in this movie ride as far as I do one-way or round-trip?!?

Because my commute is so long, I depended upon shower facilities at my workplace. Eighteen months ago, renovations and construction in the office where I work and in the building where the offices are located took away the convenience of showers and dressing rooms.


Not only did I lose bicycle commuting, but stair climbing went by the wayside as well.

Double owie!

I did try commuting a few times, utilizing a homemade sponge bath incorporating dried out baby wipes reignited with fresh tea tree oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and witch hazel. My homemade concoction was excellent for sweat and germs, but did nothing to relieve the stress, agony, displeasure, annoyance and agitation of bugs in my hair and in my ears and in my clothing and in my eyes and in my mouth. Sometimes still alive!

So bicycling to work for the last year and a half has been limited. Severely.

The new showers and dressing rooms are expected to be completed THIS MONTH!!!

Winter will not be an excuse for me once I have back the one modern convenience I tried hard to live without.

Come ice or snow, I plan to be on my bike again this winter, and I plan to be smiling big the entire ride. Until my lips crack, of course. Or until I get enough extra bug protein for a day's dietary allowance...


  1. Thanks for posting about the film and buying a copy. The winter cycling challenge is going on again this year as well. You can find the details at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IBWCC/
    Hope you get lots of winter riding in. How long is your ride to work?

    1. Thanks, Mike! My husband looked up the website the other night after we watched the movie. Love the movie!!! And I do intend to begin riding my 60-mile round trip again as soon as I have a dressing room and shower!

  2. Yuck to the bugs, no way hosa would I want to do that

    1. I've learned to woman up and live with the bugs, Pat, as long as I can wash them off before a full day's work. No shower, no way!

  3. Woo hoo! Showers again!

    I so admire winter cyclists. It's just too dang cold for me to do that. You go, girl!


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