27 December 2013

Friday Funny


More links to make you smile.

Craft hack away!

Missed Opportunity

Part I

Part II

Oh, how my son would have loved this when he was a wee tyke!

Oh, please, say it isn't so!!!



all kinds of wonderful

Ninja Knitting. Yeah.

Eye-popping gorgeous and inspirational, too.

Still laughing.

The reviews are so funny!

They need to combine these reviews with the ones above, because, well, some people are going to miss these!

Oh, my gosh! MORE!

WARNING! NOT a MicroSoft product!

My sister, the unicorn fan, would have loved this. Or maybe she would have detested it.


  1. haha at least you are safe from the rain at your lane

  2. Hysterical! Thanks for sharing. I particularly loved the Gollum one!

  3. Well, you did it this time, Deb. I was up longer than I usually am because of the 26 Clever and Inexpensive Crafting Hacks!
    I looked at every one of the Friday Funny you included.

  4. Hamburger and hot dog pants...what next?

  5. Oh gosh, Deb, I love it when you post all these great links. That floor installation is breathtaking. And the YARN BOWL HACKS ARE AWESOME! I need a yarn bowl and really didn't want to spend the money - you have saved the day!

    I'll have to try the warm water trick on my Denise circulars. They have seemingly-permanent square kinks from the storage case.

    I keep bobbins from unthreading by cutting sections of drinking straw and using them as little flexible bobbin guards. Hmmm - should do a brief post on this!

    P.S. Great mushroom photo too.... :)


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