19 December 2013

Coasting Along

my first-ever coastal ride

Just before the deep freeze hit Colorado, we spent a day at the beach, riding right above and along the Pacific Coast, a first for both of us. It wasn't a high mileage ride, but it was a photographic paradise.

We saw what we think was a seal or sea lion, and then The Lizard saw a bobcat during his climb of Hazard Peak! Not often you get to see that combination of animals in just a few hours of time!

Ride Time: 32:30
Stopped Time: 1:02:18
Distance: 4.80 miles
Average: 8.87 mph
Fastest Speed: 15.69 mph
Ascent: 442 feet
Descent: 397 feet
Calories: 190

December Beach Lizard


Intruder Alert



My Favorite Cyclist



  1. That is quite the interesting beach, a little rocky though it seems

  2. Wow, you've made me miss the Pacific.

    What a gorgeous ride. The Overlook shot is my favourite. So glad you guys got to do this! :)


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