31 December 2013

A Side of Guac

Wave Hues

I have always loved homemade guacamole. Especially when I can throw in my own kitchen-grown cilantro, basil and spicy oregano, my own porch- or indoors-grown, altitude-stunted Serrano peppers and my own garden-grown green onions or red onions. And tomatoes when I am able to grow them...

For the last couple of years, I had been buying grocery store guacamole or buying extra on the rare occasions when we ate at Q-doba or Baja Fresh. My work schedule just didn't leave me enough time to make as many homemade menu items as I'd like. Avocado contains nutrients that enhance and encourage nerve regeneration following injury. So I couldn't very well go guac-less, now could I?

Last summer, I learned yarn may be dyed with avocado skins and pits. It was time to start making time to make my own guac again.

I'd read some natural dyers save their avocado skins and pits for up to a year before they have enough to dye one hank of yarn. I didn't expect it to take me that long. If I have fresh avocado in the house, I will add it to salads and pasta and anything else that sounds fun every day of the week. I don't mind experimenting.

Guacamole is a staple in our diet, so I planned to make fresh every week. We like hot, spicy stuff. The Lizard enjoys a few chips with guac when he first gets home from work. Sometimes he even likes to munch on chips and guac while he watches a movie.

Call me crazy, but I'll have a special guac-inspired snowflake next week...

During a recent avocado-smashing exercise, I commented how much better my homemade guacamole is than any guac we buy.

The Lizard swallowed his food before responding.

"Yes, your guacamole is much better than anything you've ever bought."

Boy, did I marry the right guy or what?!?

Avocado Pits

Avocado Pits

avocado pits

avocado skins

high altitude serranos



  1. Many uses it seems, the lizard sure knows how to say the right thing haha

  2. Can't wait to see the snowflake!

    Mr. M and my sis adore guacamole ... and just plain avocados. I am waiting to fall in love with them but it hasn't happened yet. :)

    Some great yarn colours there!

    1. I cannot believe you don't like avocados, Sue! I am so shocked!

  3. We too have been more likely to buy it made already these days, but it is always better to make your own. Happy new year.

    1. Good to know we have another avocado-lover in the blog neighborhood, Stratoz! Happy New Year to you and Margaret, too!


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