05 December 2013

Deck the Halls

Christmas Day in Crested Butte

And malls and walls and stalls and dolls and...

How to decorate the front of a big building. (Cartier)

The Wreath Blog

card display ideas

particularly fond of this

various shop displays

Don't Eat the Decorations (multiple pages)



I wouldn't mind a bedroom like this.

As long as you are looking for things to do, try testing your color vision.

Halloween or Christmas...

some amazing napkin ideas for dressing up the dinner table
(plus a stunning swan made of an apple!)

marvelous ideas

I like to do this with snowflakes, but leaves are way cool, too!
(just might have to crochet some!!!)

Christmas lights always make me happy.


  1. A decorative affair, all over at many a lair

  2. I love the bedroom one ... years ago we had Christmas lights around the bedroom ceiling and it was so cheerful!

    Love those hanging leaves too. :)


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