12 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Snowflakes and sunsets? =] They are all lovely.

  2. OMG, those pictures are stunning!

  3. 456!!!! Woo, hoo!
    I did a mile on my treadmill...ah, hee..;)
    I felt like the Oo Ah Bird looking at the beautiful snowflakes, except happier.
    Do you know why the Oo Ah Bird is so called?
    Because it lays square eggs.....

  4. I like the contrasts in these: the brightly colored snowflake against the muted sky, and the white snowflake against the colorful sunset.

  5. Very clever! I love the sunset pics at the bottom of the set, and they don't even melt - so much better than the real thing;)

  6. Absolutely beautiful ... the creations of your hand, the creatios of His hand. Thank you.

  7. I live the silhouetted one, when the snowflake becomes dark!

  8. Wordless? I'm speechless. I don't even think I can choose a favorite- each one is incredibly beautiful in its own way.

  9. you are the master of the snowcatchers. Though they sky and clouds aren't bad either.

  10. What beautiful scenes for your snowflakes. I love the combinations. The sharp snowflakes against the blazing sky look beautiful.

  11. So so pretty. Thanks for the smile!


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